GIS for Non-Profit Organizations

Disease Causing Steep Decline of Bats: Mapping the Spread of White-Nose Syndrome with GIS
ArcNews, Winter 2009/2010

Restoring Angola’s Electricity Network: Government Seeks 100 Percent Electrification in Urban Areas, 60 Percent in Adjoining Areas
ArcNews, Winter 2009/2010

12 States Pick GIS to Help Build Broadband Coverage Maps
ArcNews, Fall 2009

Students Scale New Heights with GIS: Young Explorers Study an Unmapped Region of the Himalayas
ArcNews, Summer 2009

Discovering Gems of Wildlife Viewing: New Jersey Audubon Society Uses GIS to Create Trail Maps
ArcNews, Summer 2009

Constructing a Community Water System in Laos: GIS an Essential Tool to Successfully Complete the Life-Providing Project
ArcNews, Fall 2008

Ghana Project Leverages GIS-Based Title Registration and Microfinance to Alleviate Poverty
ArcNews, Fall 2008

Impact of Climate Changes on Gray Whale Feeding Grounds Tracked with GIS
ArcNews, Spring 2008

Early Warning Planning for Mosquito-Borne Epidemics: GIS, High-Resolution Remote Sensing Help Evaluate Degrees of Risk in Senegal
ArcNews, Spring 2008

Using GIS to Remedy Coal Mining’s Aftermath: Pennsylvanian Coalition Designs Mapping Application to Target Areas Most in Need of Reclamation
ArcNews, Fall 2008

There’s No Place Like Close to Home: Illinois Takes a Geographic Approach to Foster Care
ArcNews, Summer 2007

Putting Adventure into Service: Service at Sea to Deliver Conservation Technology Globally
ArcNews, Spring 2007

People–Nature: The Natural Network
ArcNews, Fall 2007

Earth Observation and GIS Industries Take Action Against Climate Change: Planet Action Looks for Partners to Help Support Projects and Raise Awareness
ArcNews, Fall 2007

Supporting Island Land Conservation: Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico Finds GIS to Be the Ideal Tool
ArcNews, Winter 2006/2007

CASI Data Provides Better Picture of Coral Reef Threats
ArcUser, April – June 2006

Managing Storm Water: GIS inventory helps local government deal with storm and flooding events
ArcUser, October – December 2006

Hopeworks Founder Father Jeff Putthoff Encourages Youth Development with Technology Training
ArcNews, Fall 2006

Zoning Methodology for Protecting Viewshed
ArcUser, January – March 2006

Conserving the Land of Napa County, California: A Nonprofit Organization’s GIS Success Story
ArcNews, Summer 2006

GreenInfo Network—Ten Years of Mapping the Public Interest
ArcNews, Summer 2006

Making More Information Available in Emergencies: GIS Aids Communication, Collaboration, and Coordination
ArcUser, October – December 2005

Closing the Digital Divide
ArcUser, October – December 2005

GIS for the New West
ArcUser, October – December 2005

Introducing the United States National Grid
ArcUser, July – September 2005

Combating Urban Sprawl in Georgia
ArcUser, October – December 2003

Down-to-Earth Approach Jumpstarts GIS for Dengue Outbreak
ArcUser, January – March 2003

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