URISA’s GIS Management Institute Invites Participation in 2014 Organizational GIS Survey

URISAURISA’s GIS Management Institute (GMI) is inviting GIS Managers everywhere to participate in the “2014 State of Organizational GIS Survey”. Your participation will help develop an understanding of how GIS operations are organized, staffed, funded, and resourced with key technology and data. Those GIS Managers who complete the survey will receive a copy of the executive report.

The goals of the survey are to:

  • Enable GIS managers and organizations that utilize GIS to gain understanding and insights into how Organizational GIS is implemented and operated, both within their organization and in other organizations today.
  • Provide new, comparable, metrics and information from survey results to the wider community of GIS managers, educators, students, contractors and consultants in order to identify strengths and opportunities for improving cost-effective utilization of geospatial technology within their organizations.
  • Present the results of the survey via an annual ‘State of Organizational GIS Report.’
  • Provide a survey that is comprehensive, detailed, and global.

To participate, proceed to the GMI Metric Survey (http://gmi.urisa.org/) and register an account for your organization. Once you receive login credentials, you will be directed back to complete the survey. The survey will take approximately one hour and must be completed by a manager who is knowledgeable about their organization and GIS operation. The survey will be available until December 31, 2014.

URISA’s GIS Management Institute® was developed in order to support those who deploy, operate, and manage GIS organizations enhance their personal competency and improve the effectiveness and return on investment from geospatial technology expenditures.

For more information, visit: http://www.urisa.org/main/gis-management-institute/

[Source: URISA press release]