URISA Recommends the Addition of Addresses as a Framework Data Theme

URISAThe URISA Board of Directors recently recommended that the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) add addresses as an eighth framework data theme to the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), and, in support of that, incorporate the FGDC address data standard into the Geographic Information Framework Data Content Standard. In addition, URISA recommends that the FGDC specify procedures for adding other new data themes to the NSDI, and proposes criteria to assure that new data themes will be significant, well-defined, and consistent with other NSDI data themes.

The recommendation is intended to strengthen other FGDC NSDI and address data initiatives.To review the recommendation in detail, visit http://www.urisa.org/main/advocacy/#policystatements.

Additional Resource: United States Thoroughfare, Landmark, and Postal Address Data Standard

{Source: URISA press release]