Bran Ferren to Keynote 2013 Geodesign Summit with “Five Minutes Into The Future: An argument for taking a longer view…”

Bran FerrenBran Ferren, designer, technologist, and Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Applied Minds LLC, will keynote the 2013 Geodesign Summit with a talk titled “Five Minutes Into The Future: An argument for taking a longer view…”

“We are living in a time of short attention spans, where discussions of critical global topics are often sustained by little more than a succession of sound bites, blog entries, and tweets. Consequently, it’s becoming harder and harder to have a thoughtful public dialog about complex topics, some with long-term implications to life itself. This talk will explore how Geodesign is becoming a new form of storytelling that can help illuminate the reality of many of these key issues, and to help us find our way.”

Mapping the Evolution of Racially Mixed and Segregated Neighborhoods in Chicago

Journal of MapsJournal of Maps, Volume 8, Issue 4, December 2012

Jonathan Chipman, Richard Wright, Mark Ellis & Steven R. Holloway

“The Chicago metropolitan region consists of a spatially complex mosaic of neighborhoods, in which measures of racial and ethnic composition vary dramatically. Understanding these patterns and their evolution has been hindered by ambiguities in the use of terms like ‘diverse’ or ‘segregated’, which are often posited as opposite ends of a one-dimensional scale. Using a new taxonomy of neighborhood composition, we have mapped the evolving patterns of Chicago’s neighborhoods in 1990, 2000, and 2010, and tabulated census tracts that have undergone transitions or remained stable. Looking beyond the Chicago metropolitan area, we have developed an interactive atlas of similar maps for states and metropolitan areas across the United States.”