Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Selangor: Implication to Carbon Stock Above Ground

4th Conference on Data Mining and Optimization (DMO)4th Conference on Data Mining and Optimization (DMO), 02-04 September 2012

Syed Abdullah and Sharifah Mastura

“This paper aims to develop an operational methodology for monitoring spatial and temporal changes due to deforestation in Selangor over a 22 year period. The driving forces determining the changes were also analysed. Overall, the results show that the causes of deforestation were the economic factors, namely agriculture intensification, and population dynamics, related to the process of urbanization. However, deforestation statistics shows only a total of 10 percent decrease; it is the degradation of the remaining forest that is the major concern. Knowledge on deforestation and its driving forces in Selangor is very important as it provides the basis for the calculation of the total amount of carbon stock above ground. It also gives insight into the appropriate intervention measures that can be taken to increase carbon stock, thus reducing the release of carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere.”