Photos: Space Shuttle Endeavour Flies Over Jet Propulsion Lab

I was shocked at how many people descended on JPL today to watch the Space Shuttle Endeavor fly over…

We staked out a good spot just east of JPL, on a bluff overlooking the parking lot.  Perfect spot really.

Waiting for the flyover, we didn’t expect to be able to first see it way off in the distance, flying over of Griffith Park and the Hollywood sign!

About 5-10 minutes later, it came back, south of JPL, and then disappeared to the east as it did a u-turn over downtown.

A few minutes later, it popped up right over our heads and buzzed JPL!

It then banked around to fly southeast down to Orange County.

Nice shot with the two chase planes.

Continuing to bank, almost leveled out.

Next stop: Disneyland…

Last view before it disappeared behind the trees.

Heading back to the car…it took us 25 minutes to drive the first block!  But it was well worth it.

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