Methods for the Spatial Analysis of Community Wellbeing, Resilience and Vulnerability

Proceedings of the AGILE’2012 International Conference on Geographic Information Science, Avignon, April, 24-27, 2012

Alexis Comber, Thilo Boeck, Jay Hardman, Claire Jarvis, and Peter Kraftl

“This paper proposes an approach for targeting priority areas for community engagement using data held by local authorities relating to local taxation, housing, education, public health outcomes and derived measures of vulnerability. It seeks to identify the relevant variables that are held by the local authority, to model community or neighbourhood trajectories by examining changes in such data over time as the first steps in a hierarchical approach for analysing community resilience and well-being.

Access to community oriented facilities.

Access to community oriented facilities.

“The outputs of these steps allow community engagement activities to be targeted. Initial results are described and key discussion points are outlined.”