Spatio-temporal Analysis of Cyprinid Herpesvirus 3 Genetic Diversity at a Local Scale

Journal of Fish DiseasesJournal of Fish Diseases, Published online 16 July 2012

J-C Avarre1, A Santika, A Bentenni, Z Zainun, J-P Madeira, M Maskur, L Bigarré, and D Caruso

“Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 (CyHV-3), the causative agent of koi herpesvirus disease, is a major threat for carp populations in many countries worldwide, including Indonesia. It has been shown that many genotypes circulate worldwide, all highly related to one of the two known lineages U/I and J. In this study, we evaluated the spatial and temporal distribution of CyHV-3 strains in a small enzootic area, the lake of Cirata (West Java, Indonesia). Of the 365 samples analysed, from clinical or asymptomatic fish, 244 were found positive for CyHV-3, suggesting a high occurrence of the virus. Genotyping of these viral specimens with a range of molecular markers revealed the presence of numerous haplotypes in the host population, all related to the J lineage. In single individuals, mixed-genotype infections occurred at high frequency. The present results demonstrate that polymorphic molecular markers are suitable to monitor the genetic evolution of a viral population in an enzootic area.”