The Spatial Analysis of Hotel Strata and Rate of Tourists Inflow in the Hotel Industry: Calabar Scenario

Research on Humanities and Social SciencesResearch on Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol.2, No.5, 2012

Eja Eja.1., Ajake Anim.O, and Inah Sylvester.A

“Today, new investors are entering the market to pursuit strategies that would increase their existing supply of the facilities and services needed to ensure tourist comfort especially in the hotel industry. It is on this backdrop this paper seeks to analyzed hotel strata and the rate of tourist inflow in the various strata. The hotels were obtained from secondary sources and information such as tourist patronage of the hotels were obtained from customer registration form. Findings show that majority of hotels were located within the metropolis which affirms Von Thumen and Alonso empirical works on socio-economic activities location in a region. It was also noticed that there was great variation in the spatial distribution and variation in the number of hotels built in the two locations in Calabar. Beside, findings revealed that the rate of tourists inflow in Calabar varies in the different hotel strata located in each zone in Calabar. However, adequate measures should be put in place to avoid over concentration of hotels in one location in the area.”