Scope of Geoarchaeology in depicting the Early Hominin Environments in the Gandheswari River Basin of Bankura district, West Bengal

eTraverse: The Indian Journal of Spatial Science, Vol. II No. 2 — 2011

Sayantani Neogi

“The relationship between natural and cultural factors has long been debated, and many authors correlate these, even if under different perspectives, environmental and cultural conditions. Multi- and interdisciplinary studies, which allow researchers to gather data from different fields and compare natural and cultural phenomena under an integrated and diachronic point of view, are critical to improve our knowledge on these topics.

Map showing the Gandheswari River Valley

Map showing the Gandheswari River Valley

“In this sense, geoarchaeology is a mean to interrelate the dynamics of the physical environment and that of the human groups. The disciplines of geology and archaeology find a natural interface here, both contributing to, and benefiting from one another. Bankura district of the modern state of West Bengal has immense potential for such geoarchaeological studies.”