Economic Vulnerability of Timber Resources to Forest Fires

Journal of Environmental ManagementJournal of Environmental Management, 100 (2012) pp. 16-21

Francisco Rodríguez y Silva, Juan Ramón Molina, Armando González-Cabán, and Miguel Ángel Herrera Machuca

“The temporalespatial planning of activities for a territorial fire management program requires knowing the value of forest ecosystems. In this paper we extend to and apply the economic valuation principle to the concept of economic vulnerability and present a methodology for the economic valuation of the forest production ecosystems. The forest vulnerability is analyzed from criteria intrinsically associated to the forest characterization, and to the potential behavior of surface fires.

Timber resources vulnerability for the Córdoba Province.

Timber resources vulnerability for the Córdoba Province.

“Integrating a mapping process of fire potential and analytical valuation algorithms facilitates the implementation of fire prevention planning. The availability of cartography of economic vulnerability of the forest ecosystems is fundamental for budget optimization, and to help in the decision making process.”