CyberGIS – Toward Synergistic Advancement of Cyberinfrastructure and GIScience: A Workshop Summary

Journal of Spatial Information ScienceJournal of Spatial Information Science, article in press

Shaowen Wang, Nancy R. Wilkins-Diehr, and Timothy L. Nyerges

“As a spatial data deluge takes place across numerous domains, both cyberinfrastructure and Geographic Information Science (GIScience) play increasingly essential roles in addressing grand challenges of scientific and engineering disciplines and improving decision-making practices with significant societal impacts. Yet, fulfilling such roles requires the development of cyberinfrastructure-based geographical information systems (CyberGIS) for effectively synthesizing cyberinfrastructure, GIScience, and spatial analysis and modelling. To better understand the opportunities and challenges to achieve the integrated CyberGIS vision through synergistic advancement of cyberinfrastructure and GIScience, the National Science Foundation (NSF) Office of Cyberinfrastructure sponsored a CyberGIS workshop through the NSF TeraGrid project while the University Consortium of Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) co-organized the workshop that was held in conjunction with the UCGIS 2010 annual winter meeting. Over the one and one-half day workshop, a multidisciplinary group of experts from the international communities of cyberinfrastructure, GIScience, spatial analysis and modelling, and several other related scientific domains were brought together in a ‘participatory’ manner composed of both small- and large-group settings to discuss the CyberGIS roadmap. This workshop summary paper describes the activities and findings of the workshop relevant to CyberGIS research and education, and presents research questions and priorities that, if studied, will lay a solid foundation to synthesize computational and spatial studies toward a paradigm shift of geospatial fields.”