A GIS Modeling Method for Predicting the extent of Land Resource Unit Subdivisions to assist with the Development of Ecological Site Descriptions

Society for Range Management ConferenceSociety for Range Management Conference, Spokane, WA, 28 January to 03 February 2012

Bill Drummond and Tamra DeCock

Ecological Site Descriptions (ESDs) are developed within the boundaries of Major Land Resource Units (MLRAs) and Land Resource Units (LRUs). Properly defined LRUs and MLRAs are critical to ensure the correct development of Ecological Site Descriptions and seamless joins between soil survey areas. The correct definition and description of LRUs and MLRAs greatly affects soil survey activities and proper assignment of ecological site to a soil map unit component. The geographic extent of a soil survey map unit is determined by the associated MLRA and LRU. Therefore, a method of GIS modeling of LRUs and plant community composition in MLRAs 58A and 60B was developed to assist with the establishment of LRUs. LRU and MLRA boundaries were verified and refined through field visits at multiple locations and on multiple ecological sites within each LRU.”