A Spatial Analysis of Infrastructures and Social Services in Rural Nigeria: Implications for Public Policy

GeoTropicoGeoTropico, 5 (1), Articulo 2: 25-3, 2011.

“There are observed inequalities in the distribution of socio-economic facilities in Nigeria. The paper examined the availability of some social infrastructural facilities in rural parts of Imo State. It equally examined the extent to which those facilities have promoted rural development in the State. Data were collected mainly from primary sources. A total number of 2,340 copies of questionnaire were administered in eighteen communities and all were retrieved for the analysis. Research findings revealed unevenness in the availability of potable water supply and telephone (analogue landline) facilities. However, the availability of electricity, educational and health facilities were largely indicated by respondents in the 18 study communities to be well spread across the State. The paper noted some rural development implications as the result of the Z-test of proportion statistics led to the rejection of the null hypothesis and the acceptance of the alternative, which is that, majority of rural areas in Imo State, have significant presence of social infrastructural facilities that enhance economic activities.”