ESRI Software R&D Team, circa 1985

Courtesy of Armando Guevara comes this gem:

“ESRI Software R&D Team Circa 1985 –these guys wrote the first operational components of Arc Info – which later evolved into Arc GIS. I personally took this picture and then pasted myself on it.”

ESRI Software R&D Team, circa 1985

  1. Dave Bishop [PIOS and AutoMap]
  2. Mark Oliver [DG to UNIX porting]
  3. Glenn Huibregtse [Prime to UNIX porting]
  4. Peter Aronson [INFO; Database stuff]
  5. Scott Morehouse [Chief Software Engineer]
  6. Tony Lupien [Adddress matching; geocoding]
  7. Bill Moreland [Arcplot; ArcEdit]
  8. Armando Guevara [Geometric and Topologic processors (clean, build, clip, etc.); TIN; GRID]

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