Call for Papers: GIS for Environmental Modelling

6th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software The 6th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software (01 – 05 July 2012 in Leipzig, Germany) will have a session on Geographic Information Systems and geoprocessing workflows for environmental modeling (Daniel P. Ames, Robert Argent, Susan Cuddy, Nigel W.T. Quinn, and Raul Zurita-Milla).


In September 2000, the 4th International Conference on Integrating GIS and Environmental Modelling (GIS-EM4) was held in Banff, Canada with more than 250 presentations. In the ensuing 12 years no major “GIS for Environmental Modelling” meeting has been held in spite of:

  • significant advances in both GIS software and hardware computational capabilities
  • advent of a veritable  tidal wave of accessible geospatial data sets
  • the introduction of an entirely new breed of GIS software (characterized by Google Earth and Google Maps) and the accompanying rise of the so-called “neogeographer”
  • the establishment of major geospatial data sharing standards through OGC and related bodies (e.g. WFS, KML) and
  • the introduction of a several highly functional free and open source GIS software tools and libraries (e.g. as sponsored by OSGeo).

This session of iEMSs 2012 recognizes all of these advances as well as the natural role of iEMSs in encouraging, promoting, and facilitating continued advancements in the application of GIS software and tools to environmental Modelling. While any novel and interesting studies in the arena of GIS for environmental modelling will be considered for presentation in this session, we are particularly interested in the development and application of geoprocessing workflows, use of free and open source GIS, web-based GIS applications, tightly coupled GIS-based environmental models, GIS-based environmental decision support systems, geospatial data services, geoprocessing semantics, GIS integration technologies, and related topics.

Paper Submissions

The first step is submitting an abstract (300 words max.) before the 1st of November 2011 In case of approval you will be invited to prepare a six page long full paper, which has to be submitted until 15 February, 2012.

More Information

The call for papers:

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