Morphotectonics of the Area Around Renukoot, District Sonbhadra, U.P. Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing, Online 14 February 2011

C. K. Singh and Vaibhava Srivastava

“A part of Precambrian rocks of central India around Renukoot, district Sonbhadra, U.P., exhibits noteworthy differences in morphometric characteristics such as drainage density, mean stream length, bifurcation ratio and stream frequency across Son Narmada South Fault of the Son Narmada Lineament Zone. The Remote Sensing and GIS based present study explains the tectonic evolution of the terrain by dividing the area into two morphotectonic units namely Dudhi Morphotectonic Unit (DMU) and Mahakoshal Morphotectonic Unit (MMU) with the help of a proposed model. The study reveals that the landform features of the rocks of DMU and MMU of the study area are strongly controlled by underlying lithology and structures. The study also reveals different tectonic histories for the units until the last or the fourth phase of deformation dominated by shearing movement.”

GENESIS Employing Web Processing Services and Sensor Web Technology for Environmental Management

ISW-2011: Integrating Sensor Web and Web-based Geoprocessing, An AGILE 2011 Conference Workshop; Utrecht, The Netherlands, April 18, 2011

Steven Smolders, Christian Alegre, Simone Gianfranceschi, Marc Gilles, Bernd Resch, and Thomas Everding

“The GENESIS project aims at providing an efficient Web-based software solution for environmental management and health risk related services in Europe. The motivation for the work is to provide an extensive set of software components that facilitate the rapid deployment of complex distributed information systems where a wide variety of data sources are subject to an even wider variety of processing steps to obtain ready to use information products.

“The GENESIS software solution is validated on a number of real-life pilot applications. Inside the GENESIS project, it is put to practice within multiple pilots in both the Water and Air Qualitythematic domains. In addition, GENESIS technology was employed inside the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot Phase III initiative.

“The following sections will firstly introduce the overall GENESIS software solution and then zoom in on the most relevant GENESIS software components. Subsequently the use of the technology within the pilots is discussed.”