Spatial Analysis of Five Crime Statistics in Turkey

FIG Working Week 2011 Bridging the Gap between Cultures, Marrakech, Morocco, 18-22 May 2011

Saffet ERDOĞAN, M. Ali DERELİ, and Mustafa YALÇIN

“In this study, geographical information systems and explorative spatial data analysis methods were employed in the analyses of five selected crime rates. Because of the differences among the provinces with small populations, and the provinces with large populations regarding volume of crimes make a major impact on the stability of the crime rates, empirical Bayes smoothing method was used to correct the crime rates. Global spatial autocorrelation indices including Moran’s I, Getis-Ord G, and Geary c were used to test the spatial dependence. Local spatial autocorrelation methods were used to detect the clustering of crime rates. The present study demonstrates the utility of spatial analyses for exploring crime levels of the five crime statistics in Turkish provinces.”