Improving the Monitoring of the Status of the Environment Through Web Geo-services: The Example of Large Structures Supervision

Transactions in GIS, April 2011, Volume 15, Issue 2

Maria A. Brovelli, Gianluca Giori, Mauro Mussin, and Marco Negretti

“Environmental monitoring is a fundamental process in the design, construction, operation and decommissioning phases of constructing large structures, such as highways, high-speed railways, and airports. Many different actors are involved in these steps: the owner (public or private); the planning, construction, and operation managers; the environmental teams executing the monitoring; the government department or agency responsible for protecting the environment and the health of the population; and, finally, the policy-makers. The environmental agency itself is composed of various domain experts dealing with different environmental arenas (air, water, etc.). Since most of the collected information refers to space and time, GISs are natural tools for storing and processing the data. Nevertheless, instruments, people, and communications technology are involved, and there is a potential for failure, waste of time and unnecessary costs to appear. A web platform based on OGC web services and allowing for sharing and processing the sensor and geographic information can greatly improve workflow management. This article presents a description of a working pilot that can serve as a solution to managing such a project, because it makes it possible to integrate geodata (maps and orthophotos) from different sources and to visualize and analyze the sensor data with respect to both time and space.”