An Environmental Decision Support System for Spatial Assessment and Selective Remediation

Journal Environmental Modelling & Software, Volume 26 Issue 6, June, 2011

Robert N. Stewart and S. Thomas Purucker

“Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA) is a Windows freeware program that incorporates spatial assessment tools for effective environmental remediation. The software integrates modules for GIS, visualization, geospatial analysis, statistical analysis, human health and ecological risk assessment, cost/benefit analysis, sampling design, and decision support. SADA began as a simple tool for integrating risk assessment with spatial modeling tools. It has since evolved into a freeware product primarily targeted for spatial site investigation and soil remediation design, though its applications have extended into many diverse environmental disciplines that emphasize the spatial distribution of data. Because of the variety of algorithms incorporated, the user interface is engineered in a consistent and scalable manner to expose additional functionality without a burdensome increase in complexity. The scalable environment permits it to be used for both application and research goals, especially investigating spatial aspects important for estimating environmental exposures and designing efficient remedial designs. The result is a mature infrastructure with considerable environmental decision support capabilities. We provide an overview of SADA’s central functions and discuss how the problem of integrating diverse models in a tractable manner was addressed.”