Forest Mapping in Lithuania: The Role of Geograhic Information S’s (Science, Systems and Studies)

Vilnius Seminar on Cartosemiotics, Vilnius, Lithuania, 8–9 April 2011


“There is quite common opinion in a GIS community that mapping is less important than the geographic analysis and that professional GIS users manipulate the numbers but not the nice pictures. Contrary, the cartographer who needs GIS as a tool for map production does not use it for sophisticated analysis and modelling. And this is quite obvious – the cartographer is not a forester, urban planner or biologist and he or she does not necessarily need GIS for sophisticated and rather specific analysis. The aim of this presentation is to discuss the role of GIS as a set of tools or solutions (i) within the frames of forest inventory and management planning, resulting in forest resource information and detailed management prescriptions for some period (Systems), (ii) some fundamental issues raised by the use of GIS and related technologies, such as spatial analysis, map projections, accuracy issues and scientific representation (Science). And, (iii) both systems and science are impossible without systematic study of the use of geographic information (Studies).”