Planning Los Angeles’s Nonpotable Water Use Future

2011 Esri CA/HI/NV Regional User Group Proceedings

Dawn Flores

“The City of Los Angeles has a goal to use recycled water to the fullest extent. One way that the City is attempting to meet this goal is by using recycled water for non-potable uses such as landscape irrigation, in cooling towers, and at commercial laundries. GIS has played a critical role in planning how non-potable water will be used. Mapping of existing recycled water pipelines and potential users has aided in discussions with City departments and with stakeholders. Spatial analyst has been used to show areas of high demand density, and target these areas for more efficient planning of recycled water pipelines and connections. Pipeline shapefiles have been used directly by hydraulic modelers to obtain system specifications for the new recycled water system. The end result of the GIS analysis has provided a base that has been used to focus the City’s Non-Potable Reuse Master Plan.”