Framework for Detection and Analysis of Land Cover Changes Using Visual Analytics

GeoViz: Linking Geovisualization with Spatial Analysis and Modeling, 10-11 March 2011, Hamburg, Germany

Christoph Kinkeldey and Jochen Schiewe

“Methods for landscape monitoring play a major role for management and planning in a number of disciplines, e.g. in climate research, environmental science and urban planning. The analysis and documentation of spatiotemporal changes form the basis for such observations in which, apart from spatial relations, aspects of time can also be highly relevant. Depending on the application, diverse temporal scales can be of interest ranging from long-term changes (e.g. geologic processes) to relatively rapid developments (as in disaster management). A great many of these analyses are conducted based on remotely sensed data. Especially satellite based remote sensing data providing large-scale coverage of the earth at relatively low costs are widely used. For them, new fields of application are emerging since their spatial, spectral, radiometric and temporal resolution have been increased.”