Geovisualization of Fishing Vessel Movement Patterns using Hybrid Fractal/Velocity Signatures

GeoViz: Linking Geovisualization with Spatial Analysis and Modeling, 10-11 March 2011, Hamburg, Germany

René A. Enguehard, Rodolphe Devillers, and Orland Hoeber

“While much work has been done on representing vessel movements, little work has been devoted to understanding and representing what particular movement patterns are associated with specific activities. Using fractal dimension as a measure of activity complexity, and velocity as a measure of activity type, it is possible to develop signatures for particular activities or behaviours. These signatures can then be used within a geovisualization system to highlight areas or data points of interest to the user. Within the context of fisheries enforcement, officers could use such a system with real-time data to quickly ascertain whether a vessel is acting illegally and increase the odds of catching them when they return to port.”