Using GIS in Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Evacuation Planning

2010 Esri Homeland Security Summit

Sandra Forte

“Developing thorough emergency evacuation plans plays a vital role in ensuring public safety. Federal regulations require that detailed evacuation plans be developed for the emergency planning zone (EPZ) surrounding a nuclear power plant. These plans include evacuation time estimates (ETE) which are used by local emergency response personnel in preparing protective action recommendations for the public. Esri’s ArcMap is an essential tool in evacuation planning. Using ArcMap, planning data are spatially distributed within the EPZ. These data are analyzed using Arc Map tools and used as inputs to compute ETE. In addition, ArcMap creates effective maps included in the evacuation plan, which easily identify: EPZ residents that live in the area being evacuated, best routes for travel out of the area at risk, critical intersections manned by law enforcement personnel to facilitate traffic flow out of the area at risk, and special facilities within the area being evacuated.”