Application of Spatial Modeling Approaches and Techniques within an Ecological Framework

GeoViz: Linking Geovisualization with Spatial Analysis and Modeling, 10-11 March 2011, Hamburg, Germany

Ullrich von Bramann, Alicia V. Linzey, Antje Schwalb, and Stephan van Gasselt

“The characterization of the species distribution in the field of ecology is an important issue for the definition of habitats/niches and for the identification of impact of environmental factors (e.g., climate, pollution, natural relief). In this particular research field a number of stand-alone tools are used to model species distribution and ecological boundary conditions on the basis of environmental factors and remote-sensing terrain data (image and terrain models). In the context of overarching research projects, modeling of ecological boundaries and distributions are one of many research components integrated within a common framework. The implementation and improvement of ecological modeling approaches within state-of-the-art GI systems forms a crucial part for data exchange, traceability and, more importantly, validation and quality assessment. This work deals with the implementation of various models and their assessment.”