Situation Detection and Control using Spatio-temporal Analysis of Microblogs

WWW 2010, April 26-30, Raleigh, NC

Vivek K. Singh, Mingyan Gao, and Ramesh Jain

“Large volumes of spatio-temporal-thematic data being created using sites like Twitter and Jaiku, can potentially be combined to detect events, and understand various ‘situations’ as they are evolving at different spatio-temporal granularity across the world. Taking inspiration from traditional image pixels which represent aggregation of photon energies at a location, we consider aggregation of user interest levels at different geo-locations as social pixels. Combining such pixels spatio-temporally allows for creation of social images and video. Here, we describe how the use of relevant (media processing inspired) situation detection operators upon such ‘images’, and domain based rules can be used to decide relevant control actions. The ideas are showcased using a Swine flu monitoring application which uses Twitter data.”