Call for Participation: Geographic Information Science for Livable and Sustainable Communities

Research and Policy Workshop

o5-o6 May 2011, Keck Center of the National Academies, Washington DC

Transportation plays a vital role in the livability and sustainability of communities. Recent policy initiatives by the US Department of Transportation, Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Environmental Protection Agency attempt to improve community livability and sustainability. Th e success of these initiatives depends on the ability to conceptualize, measure and analyze livability and sustainability when evaluating transportation policies, plans and projects.

Geographic information science, technologies and data can facilitate better understanding of livability and sustainability, and help guide the development of transportation systems that create more livable and sustainable communities. Geo-spatial technologies allow the collection of high-resolution data on the dynamics of transportation and communities, as well as the physical environment in which they are embedded. New spatial analytical and geo-spatial knowledge discovery techniques allow deeper insights into these unprecedented data and the development of location-based services off er new opportunities for engagement between communities and individuals. Leveraging these scientific and technological breakthroughs requires dialogue between scientists and policy makers to coordinate interest and efforts.

This workshop will bring together leading scientists concerned with geo-spatial technologies, transportation and communities, and policy leaders concerned with shaping livable and sustainable communities. The intent is an exchange of world-views and formulation of an agenda to advance an integrated research and policy agenda.

Call for Participation
Registration is free but available space is limited. Interested participants should provide a one-page statement of interest and a current CV or resume to one of the organizers (see below) by 22 March 2011. Only digital submissions (in PDF format) will be accepted.

Organizers and Contacts
Transportation Research Board Committee on Geographic Information Science and Applications (ABJ60): Harvey J. Miller, University of Utah.; University Consortium for Geographic Information Science: Timothy Nyerges, University of Washington:

US Federal Highway Administration. Additional support by the DIGIT Lab