SEAMONSTER: A Demonstration Sensor Web Operating in Virtual Globes

Computers & Geosciences, Volume 37, Issue 1, January 2011, Pages 93-99

M.J. Heavnera, D.R. Fatlandb, E. Hooda, and C. Connor

“A sensor web is a collection of heterogeneous sensors which autonomously reacts to the observed environment. The SouthEast Alaska MOnitoring Network for Science, Technology, Education, and Research (SEAMONSTER) project has implemented a sensor web in partially glaciated watersheds near Juneau, Alaska, on the edge of the Juneau Icefield. By coupling the SEAMONSTER sensor web with digital earth technologies the scientific utility, education and public outreach efforts, and sensor web management of the project all greatly benefit. This paper describes the scientific motivation for a sensor web, the technology developed to implement the sensor web, the software developed to couple the sensor web with digital earth technologies, and demonstrates the SEAMONSTER sensor web in a digital earth framework.”