Analysis of the Structure and Spatial Relation of City Agglomeration in Pearl River Delta based on GIS

Journal of Guangzhou University (Natural Science Edition), 2010-01

WANG Fang, XIA Li-hua, and ZHANG Tai-yu

“City agglomeration’s spatial structure and spatial relation features can reflect their development degree,stages and processes.This paper calculates central cities’ attraction fractal dimension and correlation dimension of the spatial structure in Pearl River Delta,and analyzes its fractal structure characteristics.From the perspective of correlation dimension of their spatial structure,the application of Wilson’s model and spatial correlation model of spatial statistics are used to explore the spatial association of nine cities in Pearl River Delta.The strength to attract traffic,population calculated by Wilson’s model indicates that there is contradiction for cities’ association in the aspects of traffic and population.This paper further explores the spatial association and development trend of all cities through the adoption of Moran I index and local statistic of total industrial output value and GDP per capita and the collective feature of the cities.At last,it explores the distribution pattern of space of all cities in Pearl River Delta,proposes the developing direction and advantages of integration.It has important theoretical and guidance to integrate the region and enhance the competitiveness of urban agglomeration.”