Harvesting Geospatial Knowledge from Online Social Networks

Spatio-Temporal Constraints on Social Networks Workshop, University of California, Santa Barbara, Center for Spatial Studies, 13-14 December 2010

Kristina Lerman

“Social Web has moved knowledge production from the hands of the experts and professionals to the masses. Today online social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr, allow ordinary people not only to create massive quantities of new data, but also organize it, use it, and share it with others. Unlike earlier information technologies, the Social Web exposes social activity, allowing each person to observe and be influenced by the actions of others in real time. How will such real-time, many-to-many communication change how we discover, use, and manage information? And how will it transform society and how we solve problems? My research addresses these questions by developing methods to harvest social knowledge.”