Analysis on Spatial Heterogeneity of H1N1 Flu based on GIS Spatial Analysis Technology

2010 International Conference on Multimedia Technology (ICMT), 29-31 October 2010, pp. 1 – 4

Cao Jian-rong Liu Yan-jun

“The spatial distribution of disease epidemiology has always been the hotspot and difficulty, information technology and GIS technology have been widely applied in epidemiological studies, along with the continuous deepening of the disease spatial analysis development. In this paper taking H1N1 flu as the research object, given that China and Shandong Province, the number of infections and deaths’ data was used in geographic information system software and the statistical software for the spatial analysis. The results showed that: the number of infections and deaths in coastal areas is larger than that in inland multi-region, geographic distribution showed a change distribution trend from south to north and from east to west.”