Applying and Extending Sensor Web Enablement to a Telecare Sensor Network Architecture

COMSWARE ’09 — Proceedings of the Fourth International ICST Conference on COMmunication System softWAre and middlewaRE, 2009

Gavin E. Churcher and Jeff Foley

“The standards being proposed by the Sensor Web Enablement Working Group offer methods for virtualizing sensor data into a common, self-describing format, utilizing access mechanisms based on HTTP. An external application is able to discover and access different sensor offerings, understand the data format used and even specify that it should be notified of certain conditions in the sensor data. This paper examines how an existing sensor network platform in the telecare domain can make use of these standards and in particular provides a case for a proposed extension to the publish/subscribe model, the Sensor Alert Service. Concepts taken from Complex Event Processing engines are explored in the context of this particular telecare platform, where it is shown that there are clear advantages to extending the standard.”