GIS Supports NetHope’s Mission to Serve Humanitarian Organizations

Esri is working with NetHope to make technology more accessible and applicable to its members. Esri supports NetHope by providing geographic information system (GIS) software and support via the Esri Nonprofit Organization Program, collaborating with technology leaders such as Intel and developing GIS solutions for humanitarian relief.

NetHope is a consortium of the international community’s leading nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that helps members better leverage their technology investments. It facilitates public and private partnerships with major technology companies. Esri is providing these NGOs with ArcGIS technology.

“The Esri Nonprofit Organization Program represents an unprecedented opportunity for our member organizations to take their GIS programs to the next level,” said Jack Levy, senior global program director at NetHope. “The active engagement from industry leaders such as Esri and Intel is of tremendous value to our members to collaborate, share, and leverage these powerful technologies for the greatest benefit of our members and their programs.”

Esri and Intel developed prototypes of key solutions for NGOs and presented some of them at the NetHope Member Summit in Santa Clara, California, on November 4, 2010. Along with other technology leaders, Esri and Intel demonstrated GIS pilot programs and best practices for humanitarian and development services.

“As part of our ongoing support of NetHope, Esri and Intel have collaborated to architect a mobile data collection prototype that takes advantage of the connected editing capabilities in ArcGIS Mobile 10,” explained Chris S. Thomas, chief strategist of Intel’s World Ahead organization. “Intel continues to advance PC technology and features such as lower power requirements, longer battery life, embedded GPS, and more ruggedized form factors. These functions support Esri’s mobile technology and bring a powerful field data collection and visualization platform to NGOs working in remote environments.”

Esri’s ArcGIS Mobile is an essential component of cloud-based services that will help humanitarian relief workers such as doctors, nurses, teachers, and students access geographic information where and when they need it. GIS-based cloud computing increases flexibility, reduces costs, and extends the reach of NetHope’s members to provide services to communities around the world.

“NetHope’s vision for the application of technology to make the world a better place aligns with our own,” said Esri’s David Gadsden, who works with the Esri Nonprofit Organization Program. “We are pleased to work with NetHope and its members and to streamline the use of GIS at the organizational level. ArcGIS will provide better transparency and efficient delivery of aid across these global organizations.”

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[Source: Esri press release]

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