Spatial-temporal Analysis of Biodiversity and Community Structure in Fishes in Wulihu Lake

Journal of Dalian Fisheries University, 2010-04

ZHANG Xian-zhong, HU Hai-yan, CAO Xiao-dong, SHEN Yong-ping, and BING Xu-wen

“The species composition of fish resources,dominant species and biodiversity were analyzed in Wulihu Lake by investigation of fish community structure and the biodiversity index of species of fish resources at 10 sampling stations in the lake from May 2008 to April 2009.Statistically,Erythroculter dabryi dabryi and estuarine tapertail anchovy Coilia ectenes taihuensis were the dominant species at each sampling station.The biodiversity was ranged from 1.759 to 3.011 at each sampling station,indicating that the diversity and abundance were normal in the Wulihu lake.There was no significant difference in fish community structure at each sampling stations,that is,the even spatial distribution of fish in Wulihu.There were significant differences in Shannon-Wiener biodiversity index between Yufudao station and Ludingshan station and between Yufudao station and Shuishangmingyue station in summer and the spring(P0.05).”