Spatial Analysis of Chemical Attributes of the Soil and Productivity in the Black Pepper Crop

Idesia, vol. 28 no. 2 Aug. 2010

Julião Soares de Souza Lima; Rone Batista de Oliveira; Wadson da Rocha; Paulo César Oliveira; Waylson Zancanella Quartezani

“The knowledge of determined attributes of the soil associated to the reply of productivity of the black pepper can make the application rational, located and individualized of the farm input. This work was carried out to evaluate the spatial variability of the chemical attributes and productivity in the black pepper. The soil chemical attributes were collected from under the projection of the plant canopy’s to the depth of 0-0.20 m, with distance among lines of 2.5 m and 4.0 m among feet in the planting line, totaling 76 points. In each point were determinate the attributes P, K, Ca, Mg, H+Al and activates acidity (pH). With base in those analyses, the sum of basic cations (SB), capacity of cationic change (CTC) and basic saturation (V) were calculated. The attributes pH, P, K, Al, H+Al and production presented a spatial dependence structure, allowing their mapping by geostatistics techniques. Chemical attributes presented low range values, exception the P attribute, evidencing the low soil continuity spatial under the black pepper crop. The wide variation range of chemical attributes shows the necessity of individualized points of fertilizer application for black pepper cropping.”