Dressing Up in the U.S.: Map of Household Spending for Children’s Halloween Costumes

Two in five Americans plan to wear a costume this year; approximately 11.5 percent of consumers will dress up their pets. The National Retail Federation also noted that the single largest expense will be for costumes—for children, adults, and even pets!

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Where in the U.S. will you find most consumers playing dress up? According to Esri’s 2010 Consumer Spending data, New York City residents who live in ZIP Code 10023 are estimated to spend a whopping total of $560,961 on adult costumes, and $366,851 for kids’ costumes. Less enthusiastic are residents in Pensacola, FL, ZIP Code 32508 who are estimated to spend only a total of $1,831 for adult costumes and $1,567 on kids.