Geospatial Linked Open Services

Proceedings of the Workshop “Towards Digital Earth: Search, Discover and Share Geospatial Data 2010” at Future Internet Symposium, Berlin, Germany, September 20, 2010

Barry Norton, Reto Krummenacher

“Linked Open Services are a principled attempt to guide the creation and exposure of online services, in order to enable productive use of, and contribution to, Linked Data. They communicate RDF directly, via HTTP-based interaction, and their contribution to the consumer’s knowledge, in terms of Linked Data, is described using SPARQL. To achieve this they bring together, and extend, the principles of Linked Data and of REST. In this paper we focus on the development of Linked Open Services for the geospatial domain and explain how they overcome the short-comings of existing services over the geonames dataset, a core part of the Linked Open Data Cloud.”