Sightline-based GIS Model for Building Height Control

18th International Conference on Geoinformatics, 18-20 June 2010, Beijing, China

Tong, Ziyu and Ding, Wowo

“In the city, there always have some special areas like historical districts, landscape areas or areas with landmark. With the development of city, such areas limit the building height of surrounding blocks. And the building height control is very important for conserving the features of these areas. Urban designers usually set a viewpoint and a target point, and then draw a sightline to get the building height limit. However, the fixed viewpoint can’t represent the movement of people, and the 2-D section can’t represent the 3-D block areas. Even adding more viewpoints, the sightlines can’t cover the whole areas. It’s lack of effective technique to accurately achieve the limit of height. Based on the principle of sightline, a GIS-based building height control model is established. Instead of setting viewpoint and target point, view path and target path are introduced into the GIS model. Based on the view path and target path, a TIN model is created. New model can generate the sight surface and calculate the height limits between the view path and target path, which could solve the problems very efficiency. In the case of urban design of Jiangsu Road in Lhasa, to meet the requirement of visual control through Potala Palace, the model was applied to obtain the limit of building height around the blocks.”

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