Finding OGC Web Services in the Digital Earth

Proceedings of the Workshop “Towards Digital Earth: Search, Discover and Share Geospatial Data 2010” at Future Internet Symposium, Berlin, Germany, September 20, 2010

Aneta Jadwiga Florczyk, Patrick Maué, Francisco Javier López Pellicer, Francisco Javier Nogueras Iso

“The distribution of OGCWeb Catalogues (CSW) across professional communities, the expert profile of the catalogue user and also the low coverage of OGCWeb Services (OWS) in standard search engines reduce the possibility of discovery and sharing geographic information. This paper presents an approach to simple spatio-temporal search of OWS retrieved from the web by a specialized crawler. The Digital Earth could benefit from this solution as it overcomes technical boundaries and solves the limitation of CSW acceptance only within professional community.”