Collaboration in the Model Web

Proceedings of the Workshop “Towards Digital Earth: Search, Discover and Share Geospatial Data 2010” at Future Internet Symposium, Berlin, Germany, September 20, 2010

Sven Schade, Patrick Maué, Clodoveu Davis

“Compared to environmental data sets, an open and simple exchange of environmental models on the Web remains a vision.  The lack of an architecture facilitating the different aspects of sharing models, in the sense of scientific simulations of environmental phenomena, significantly impairs collaboration between the different use groups interested in the model results.  In this paper we discuss current solutions and future challenges which facilitate collaboration in a web of models.  We elaborate on the key issues, and illustrate our vision of a collaborative Model Web by detailing a possible usage scenario.  We analyze different aspects of environmental models, investigate the involved actors, and define the different means of collaboration between these actors.  This work provides a mid-term goal for the development of the Model Web and thereby for a central part of the Digital Earth.”