First Comprehensive Study on GIS and Facility Management Published and Available for Download

Manhattan Software, global leaders in computer-aided facility management (CAFM) and integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) software, along with Esri and the IFMA Foundation, have released a white paper entitled “Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Facility Management.” This report, written by Stuart Rich and Kevin Davis of PenBay Media, presents the value of GIS as a complimentary technology to other real estate and facility management tools, such as CAD, CAFM and IWMS which can help in managing assets both inside and outside the building. The publication supports the unique collaboration between Manhattan Software and PenBay by leveraging their expertise in using Esri GIS tools for real estate and facility management.

Available free of charge, the report provides an in-depth analysis of this critical issue including:

* A description of the retrofitting process for existing buildings;
* The perspective of sustainability from all players involved in commercial real estate;
* An economic model that supports analysis of capital improvements;
* How to make a business case for investment in energy efficiency improvements; and
* A case study of the renovation of the Empire State Building, the latest poster child for efficiency improvements in existing buildings.

“Manhattan’s work in integrating our CAFM and IWMS tools with Esri’s GIS suite of products not only enabled us to extend our application suite to the outside environment, but allowed us to heighten the knowledge of that environment with analytical and visualization capabilities not known before in our field,” said Craig Gillespie, Manhattan Software’s CEO for North America. “When approached by the IFMA Foundation to jointly support PenBay’s publication, we jumped at the opportunity to bring our understanding of the importance of GIS, and particularly the work of PenBay and Esri, to the IFMA world. We applaud the Foundation for understanding the need and filling a gap in the FM arena with the clear benefits of GIS.”

“GIS can be used throughout the life cycle of a facility – from site selection, design and construction to use, maintenance and adaptation, and ultimately through closing, repurposing and reclamation. The challenge is to manage each step of the process in a way that maximizes the benefits of the facility to society while minimizing short- and long-term impacts on the natural environment. As an integrative platform for management and analysis of all spatial things, I believe, as the authors of this white paper have eloquently stated, GIS ‘is the only technology that has the ability to scale across any expanse, from the individual asset within a building to a virtually global context.'” (Jack Dangermond, President of Esri, page 3 in the foreword to the GIS for Facility Management White Paper)

To obtain your complimentary copy of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Facility Management white paper, please visit Manhattan’s website,

[Source: Manhattan Software press release]