Critical Zone Observatories and Sensor Repositories

UK e-Science AHM 2009: Past, Present and Future, 07–09 December 2009, Oxford, UK

Stephen Wilson and Jeremy Frey

“The Shale Hills critical zone laboratory in Pennsylvania was one of three critical zones funded by the U.S National Science Foundation. The goal of these areas was to study the complex processes occurring on the Earth’s surface, including research into hydrology, geomorphology and biogeochemical systems. To allow sharing of this data between researchers a standardised approach of storing the data is required. The volume of data and need for automation means that the data must also be accessible through machine to machine interactions as well as a human to machine interface. In this work an implementation of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Sensor Observation Service (SOS) has been developed to capture, store and view the Shale Hill critical zone observatory sensor data.”