i2 and Esri Form Global Partnership to Deliver Combined Analytics and Geospatial Capabilities

Unparalleled analytical solution integrates geospatial, link and temporal analysis to maximize resources, efficiencies and analytical productivity

A new solution announced today gives defense, national security and law enforcement personnel around the world unprecedented analysis and intelligence capabilities better arming them for current and future counterinsurgency (COIN), anti-terrorism and public safety operations. As part of today’s announcement, i2 is now one of Esri’s Gold Tier partners.

i2, the leading provider of intelligence and investigation software previewed the first module of i2 Analyst’s Notebook — Esri® Edition at the Esri International User Conference this past July. Esri is the leading provider of geospatial analysis capabilities in the world. Analyst’s Notebook — Esri® Edition is a powerful and flexible geospatial, link and temporal analysis solution that includes a host of military, intelligence, law enforcement and civilian applications.  At their fingertips, analysts can incorporate and visualize demographics, road networks, railway lines, critical infrastructure and terrorist cells. The new solution also includes advanced human terrain mapping capabilities to examine and to understand the dynamics of roadside bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Analysts recognize the value of intelligence products that integrate and visualize geographic, temporal and link relationships within a single, comprehensive picture.  i2 Analyst’s Notebook — Esri® Edition offers an unprecedented evolution towards this dynamic framework.

“Whether you are preventing, managing or responding to a crime or threat, it all must begin somewhere,” said E.B. Chambers of Homeland Security’s Intelligence and Analysis Department. “Geography and ‘dots on maps’ are at the core of what public safety, defense and intelligence organizations do.  But, ‘dots on maps’ are only the beginning. Through the integration of link and social network analysis capabilities with a complete GIS, public safety, defense and intelligence agencies can now answer the other critical questions of who, what, when and why. Through one common interface, virtually every organization can accelerate their ability to become more intelligence-led and knowledge-driven.”

i2 Analyst’s Notebook — Esri® Editionenables customers to:

  • Maximize their existing investments in data analysis.
  • Integrate link, temporal and geospatial analysis.
  • Save time and increase analytical accuracy.
  • Efficiently and effectively analyze and visualize in time and space their mission critical intelligence.

For example, users can quickly establish the people and locations that a suspect may be associated with, determine the routes they may have taken and with the click of a button, draw a buffer around a route, and then quickly query for suspicious activity, incidents or other relevant intelligence within that buffered region.

“Capitalizing on our long term partnership with Esri working with COPLINK for law enforcement, the extension of geospatial capabilities to Analyst’s Notebook was a logical next step,” said i2 CEO Bob Griffin.  “Incorporating geospatial with traditional link analysis is essential for crime prevention and counterinsurgency efforts.”

According to John Day, Esri’s Director of Defense Business Development, “many users of Analyst’s Notebook are Esri’s customers, and we are delighted that the new i2 Analyst’s Notebook — Esri® Edition will provide the increased integration of geospatial capabilities with link analysis they have been seeking. Analyst’s Notebook, coupled with geospatial services from ArcGIS Server, will help our customers continue their evolution towards a net-centric architecture leveraging Web 2.0 technologies. We are very pleased that i2 has chosen to further extend the ArcGIS platform and its ability to support all-source analysis — something we think will be compelling to both our current and new customers.”

The first module of i2 Analyst’s Notebook — Esri® Edition is available now.

[Source: i2 press release]