An Agent-based Model for Optimal Land Allocation (AgentLA) with a Contiguity Constraint

International Journal of Geographical Information Science, Volume 24, Issue 8 August 2010 , pages 1269 – 1288

Yimin Chen; Xia Li; Xiaoping Liu; Yilun Liu

“Spatial optimization is complex because it usually involves numerous spatial factors and constraints. The optimization becomes more challenging if a large set of spatial data with fine resolutions are used. This article presents an agent-based model for optimal land allocation (AgentLA) by maximizing the total amount of land-use suitability and the compactness of patterns. The essence of the optimization is based on the collective efforts of agents for formulating the optimal patterns. A local and global search strategy is proposed to inform the agents to select the sites properly. Three sets of hypothetical data were first used to verify the optimization effects. AgentLA was then applied to the solution of the actual land allocation optimization problems in Panyu city in the Pearl River Delta. The study has demonstrated that the proposed method has better performance than the simulated annealing method for solving complex spatial optimization problems. Experiments also indicate that the proposed model can produce patterns that are very close to the global optimums. ”