Jack Dangermond to Receive Global Citizen Award at GSDI 12

Jack Dangermond, founder and President of Esri, has been named to receive the Global Citizen Award of the GSDI Association. The award will be presented on the opening day of the GSDI 12 World Conference in Singapore (http://gsdi.org/gsdi12) where Jack, as the recipient, will give the lead keynote address. His presentation on October 19 will focus on a global vision for spatially enabling society.

The Global Citizen Award is an occasional award of the GSDI Association and recognizes an individual who has provided exemplary thought leadership and substantive worldwide contributions in (1) promoting informed and responsible use of geographic information and geospatial technologies for the benefit of society and (2) fostering spatial data infrastructure (SDI) developments or geospatial advancements supporting sustainable social, economic, and environmental systems integrated from local to global scales. A recipient should be an exemplary citizen in substantively serving the needs of others internationally or globally, contribute selflessly to his or her profession, and contribute as well to his or her own community, state and nation. Jack’s specific contributions will be highlighted at the award ceremony.

The Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) Association is an inclusive organization with members from all sectors – public and private – and individuals from around the world promoting international cooperation and collaboration in support of local, national, regional, and international spatial data infrastructure developments.  The goal of the GSDI Association is to allow nations to better address social, economic, and environmental issues of pressing importance through the establishment and use of SDIs and geospatial information. Please see http://gsdi.org for more information.

[Source: GSDI News]