Urban Road Network Accessibility Evaluation Method base on GIS Spatial Analysis Techniques

Proceedings, URISA XXXVIII

Hu Weiping and Wu Chi

“The urban road network plays a key role in the urban spatial structure. It is the main city social-economy activities and transportation carrier. Today, more and more researchers pay attention on road network. One of the most important problems is how to evaluate the accessibility of road network. This paper tries to discuss it. Firstly, road accessibility concept and some appraisal methods are discussed. Then, the spatial analysis method on road network assessment has established based on the GIS spatial analysis technology, some urban road network accessibility evaluation models are built up. The models use ESRI Corporation’s ArcGIS Engine components and Microsoft Corporation. Net Framework, and focus on the road network connectivity, the shortest travel time and the weighted average travel time. The paper presented three main road network accessibility evaluating indicators, introduced theory basis of the model construction in detail, and the model construction process. Taking Foshan city as an example, the models were tested using the urban road network data. Finally, further urban road network accessibility evaluation models are discussed.”