Vulnerability Assessment of Landslide to Climate Change in South Korea

2010 ESRI International User Conference, San Diego, CA

Zhen Xu, Han-Bin Kwak, and Woo-Kyun Lee

“Climate change engages in extreme weather condition, such as flood and drought which cause the natural disasters including landslide and water shortage, etc. Adaptation measures should be prepared on the basis of vulnerability assessment for these disasters by climate change.

“As criterions for assessing landslide vulnerability to climate change, the sensitivity, exposure and adaptation indices were employed. The sensitivity was quantified by residential area, industry and commerce area, traffic area, and mining area. The exposure was quantified by landslide risk model which considers slope distance, parent rock, slope position, forest type, slope forms, soil depth and gradient. On the other hand, the adaptation was quantified by forest density. Finally, using these criterions, the vulnerability of landslide to climate change was assessed and the spatial landslide vulnerability map was prepared in Korea.”