Toward an Integrated Framework for Geosensor Grid

International Journal of Digital Earth, Volume 3, Issue 2 June 2010 , pages 207 – 216

Zhou Huang; Yu Fang; and Mao Pan

“Grid computing is deemed as a good solution to the digital earth infrastructure. Various geographically dispersed geospatial resources can be connected and merged into a ‘supercomputer’ by using the grid-computing technology. On the other side, geosensor networks offer a new perspective for collecting physical data dynamically and modeling a real-time virtual world. Integrating geosensor networks and grid computing in geosensor grid can be compared to equipping the geospatial information grid with ‘eyes’ and ‘ears.’ Thus, real-time information in the physical world can be processed, correlated, and modeled to enable complex and advanced geospatial analyses on geosensor grid with capability of high-performance computation. There are several issues and challenges that need to be overcome before geosensor grid comes true. In this paper, we propose an integrated framework, comprising the geosensor network layer, the grid layer and the application layer, to address these design issues. Key technologies of the geosensor grid framework are discussed. And, a geosensor grid testbed is set up to illustrate the proposed framework and improve our geosensor grid design.”

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