GeoDesign Track at the ESRI UC: A Note from Eric Wittner

Greetings fellow GeoDesigners,

This year as part of the ESRI User Conference in San Diego we are holding a GeoDesign Track, a day long program of presentations encompassing the world of GeoDesign and GIS. The track is composed of four sessions. All sessions will happen in the Marriot Marina, room Salon F, with the exception of the lunch which will be held in the Marriot Hall rooms 4, 5 and 6.

The first session provides attendees with an Introduction to GeoDesign, and highlights what it means in terms of its concepts, methods, and supporting technologies. GeoDesign will be defined and characterized to differentiate the concept from traditional design and GIS processes. This will be followed with a demonstration showing how ESRI technology can be utilized to support the GeoDesign workflow.

The second session will establish the need to develop a functional definition of the notion of “geo-design” as it relates to smart growth and land use planning. It will demonstrate the value of using ArcGIS editing tools in land use planning, modeling, and policy making. By utilizing the customized modeling and sketching capabilities of ArcGIS, planners and policy makers can successfully enhance collaboration, scenario generation, monitoring of implications, evaluation and ongoing feedback, and selection of preferred scenarios that mitigate environmental ramifications, enhance economic vitality, and foster social equity.

There will be a Wacom-sponsored lunch session, highlighting the role of sketching and inference in the GeoDesign workflow. This session will examine new editing and reporting features available with ArcGIS 10. We’ll look at how the new features, combined with existing geoprocessing capabilities, as well as custom charting and feedback tools come together to form a platform for GeoDesign.

The final session will be a series of Lightning Talks, providing an opportunity for ESRI users to share their GeoDesign related work with attendees. These talks will be clear, quick, and informal presentations highlighting innovative applications of GIS technology to design problems.

If you have time, I invite you to join us for these sessions, and I encourage you to recommend them to your friends, colleagues, and fellow conference go’ers.

Thank you,

Eric Wittner
Product Engineer: 3D GIS, GeoDesign
ESRI, Redlands

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